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Why Second Wave of the Coronavirus Is Dangerous 2022

The Second Wave Of the Coronavirus has created a furor in the countries where it has hit till now and literally whole World fraternity is disturbed because of this and right now all the concerned are working day and night to curb the situation and bring back the normalcy but this is going to be the toughest task in the present scenario since the Government and health sector of every country has to play a major role to combat the situation by implementing rules that will break the chain and vaccinating the masses so that things will come back to normal.

second wave of the coronavirus

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Possible Causes for The Surge Of the Second Wave of the Coronavirus

second wave of the coronavirus

Lack of Social Distancing:

It might be the issue that social distancing protocol is not followed as per the standards.

Avoiding Good Health and Hygiene:

Maybe the good hygiene rule is not followed and implemented in a proper manner, and awareness is not raised to the masses.

Not Using Mask:

Personnel didn’t follow religiously that they need to wear without any excuse as it is an essential tool of prevention to the disease.

Numbers not Decreased in the Private and Government Firms:

It might be the case that the numbers of employees have not decreased in the private and Government offices.

Testing Not Done in Proper Manner:

Testing has not been done considering the mass and volume of the people to avoid the dangers of the second wave of the coronavirus.

Lack of Hand Sanitizers in Private Firms:

The use of hand sanitizers is not made mandatory in offices and malls etc.

Lack of Awareness Among the Masses:

The folks about the disease have a lethal effect especially in the rural areas.

Mutant Nature of the Virus:

The reason for its monster nature is, it is a mutant that continuously changes nature.

Visits in a Public Place by Infected People:

Might be the chance of the personnel having symptoms of flu visiting public places.

Quarantine Protocol Not Followed:

Rule of Quarantine not followed and implemented on a larger scale.

The Breach in Isolation Protocol:

This might be the case that somebody is having symptoms they didn’t isolate themselves in their house.

Masses Are Not Vaccinated:

Last but not least the masses are not vaccinated to achieve herd immunity to avoid the dangers of the second wave of the coronavirus.

Etiquettes To Control the Second Wave of the Coronavirus

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Implement Physical or Social Distancing:

Ensure social distancing in public places, Private firms, and Government offices in order to prevent the masses from the disease.

Make Mask Rule Mandatory:

Wearing a mask at all times in public places.

Maintain Good Health and Hygiene:

Maintain good hygiene and install hand sanitizer in areas in order to prevent the spread.

Keep Tissue and Handkerchief:

Follow the discipline by keeping a handkerchief or tissue paper as a means of usage during cough and sneezing and if not feasible try to make a barrier by bending the elbow to prevent others from infection.

Test the Personnel On a Marathon Scale:

The government needs to form a body that will test the personnel on a marathon scale so that the virus will not spread.

Increase the Production of Vaccines:

Increase the production of vaccines in order to vaccinate the masses swiftly.

Make and Install Oxygen Plants in the Required Areas:

The authoritative body needs to install more oxygen plants in the hospital premises if it is feasible following the standard safety protocol.

Increase the Production of PPE

Increase the production of Basic PPE because it is a first means of measure in the first and second wave of the coronavirus

Numbers Need to be Decreased:

The numbers in the Private and Government Firms need to be decreased to implement social distancing and they need to be educated on this line since this is the need of the time.

Advertising the Negative Effects:

Install Posters, Flyers, Banners, and Hoarding in public places in order to raise awareness of the second wave of the coronavirus.

Make Awareness Among the Masses:

Educate the people in the easiest language about the consequences of the deadly virus in Radio and Television, in order to avoid spread.

Bring in More Ventilators and ICU Beds:

Install more ICU beds and ventilators in the hospital to combat the current scenario.

Install Essential Storage of Oxygen in Hospitals:

There should be some provision so that each and every hospital should have an oxygen plant or ample storage.

Increase the Number of Beds in Hospitals:

The number of beds in the hospitals needs to be increased to control the surge of the second wave of the coronavirus so separate it from the general area.

Set a Target Date for the Completion of the Vaccine:

Vaccinate people on a large scale and set a target date for the completion in order to control the spike of the second wave of the coronavirus.

Never Allow Infected Person in Private and Government Firms:

Don’t allow a person in the offices and firms who is having symptoms until full recovery.

Provide Cross Vents in the Sitting Areas:

Provide cross ventilation in all the places in order to combat the second wave of the coronavirus.

Keep in Touch with the Health Firms:

Stay in touch with the health and similar regulatory bodies if somebody has the symptoms of the disease.

Add Essentials to Your House:

Ensure your household has a large quantity of food and medical supplies in order to tackle the situation.

Keep the Oxygen Cylinders Stand-By:

Keep oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators stand by if you can afford these at personal expense.

Get all Vaccines on Time:

Get all the vaccination up to date as per the registered medical practitioner’s advice in order to prevent yourself from the second wave of the coronavirus.

Vaccinate the Masses:

As per one of the reports of John Hopkins medical center the government needs to vaccinate 70 percent of their countrymen to achieve herd immunity during the second wave of the coronavirus.

Do Not touch Your Eyes and Mouth:

Try your best not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth in public places in order to save yourself from the dangers of the second wave of the coronavirus.

Wear a Face-shield:

Take an extra precaution by wearing a face shield to save yourself from the second wave of the coronavirus.

Natural Ways to Combat the Second Wave of the Coronavirus with Mild symptoms

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Get Enough sleep

To build up your immunity, get enough sleep because it repairs the cells and kills pathogens.

Increase the intake of Vitamins and Anti-oxidants

The vitamins fight with free radicals in order to protect the body from oxidative damage, lower inflammation and repair the damaged cells of the DNA to keep your lungs healthy.

Keep Stress Levels at Bay

Stress weakens the immune cells due to increased levels of cortisol in the body so practice stress-busting exercises to combat the situation.

Do Regular Exercises

Exercise generates new cells in the body and makes the immunity stronger by strengthening the immune cells which further kills the attacking pathogens.

Fiber Makes Immune System Stronger

Fiber gives power to the gut by providing healthy bacteria because lack of fiber increases the attack of infectious diseases.

Inhale Steam

Take a steam shower and steam bath to strengthen the lungs.

It will clean and remove mucus from the airway and thus maintain lung health.

Intake Enough Water

Drink water as per BMI because it is very important for the body.

The more you drink the more toxins you will release in the form of urine and sweat.

Add Healthy Fruits and Veggies

Add fruit and veggies to your diet.

It will provide strength to the gut, which is the most important tool to keep you healthy.

Lessen the Sugar

Add probiotics to the diet in order to keep sugar level low and to make the digestive system strong.

Increase the Intake of Vitamins

In order to make the immune system stronger, increase intake of Vitamins.

Available Vaccines Made After the First Wave of Coronavirus

  1. Pfizer-BioNTech by the USA

  2. Moderna by the USA

  3. Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen by the USA

  4. Covi-shield by Serum Institute of India

  5. Co-vaxin by Bharat Biotech India

  6. Sputnik V by Russia

  7. CoronaVac developed by Sinovac China

Final words

How deadly this virus can be in the coming days no one knows since everyday numbers of people are losing their loved ones and research is still ongoing to combat the situation in the best way.

The virus is dangerous because of its mutant nature and its keeps on changing but one needs to take the available remedies in order to save himself and the masses.

The standard safety practice needs to be followed, implemented and maintained in order to save mankind from the second wave of the coronavirus.

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