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Why Safety Rules Are Needed in Petrochemical 2022

Why Safety Rules Are Needed in Petrochemical 2022

Why Safety Rules Are Needed in Petrochemical 2022

The petrochemical industry is an evergreen industry; for decades and we know that whenever we are going to enter petrochemicals, we need to follow the safety rules of the particular plant, otherwise, we will put ourselves in imminent danger, and a lot of unwanted accidents will happen which is not good for the industry and his people.

Hazards In the Petrochemical Industry

  • Noise

  • Fire and Explosion

  • Electrocution

  • Fall from height

  • Unlimited stored energy

  • Hazards associated with lifting operation

  • Pinch point

  • Hazards of confined space

  • Traffic hazards

  • Spillage

  • Radiation hazards

  • Slip and Trip hazard

  • Unauthorized entry

  • Work permit violation

  • Oxygen deficiency and enrichment

  • Hazard of H2S

  • Horseplay

  • Sharp objects and Weapons

Mitigation Of the Associated Hazards of the Petrochemical

Noise Mitigation

Always wear an ear plug or an ear muff depending upon the frequency of sound, if the sound is more than 85 dB wear and ear-muff.

Normally high noise areas are marked as red lines in petrochemicals.

Authorized Entry and No Horseplay

Don’t loiter unnecessarily inside the petrochemical plant as it is the greatest danger to life and health.

Unauthorized entry must be debarred inside the plant so proper access by means of a visitor ID or a temporary ID must be obtained for a particular period to avoid any lethal repercussions.

Horseplay is not allowed inside the plant and the workforce must fall in line while boarding and deboarding their transport vehicle.

Never Take Sharp Objects and Weapons

Sharp objects along with cell phones, lighters, matchboxes and weapons are not allowed inside the petrochemical plant so cross check yourself.

Fire and Explosion Safety

Do not smoke in non-smoking areas, also the workforce needs to store all flammable materials as per the safety standards and rules of the particular petrochemical plant.

Radiation Safety

Conduct radioactivity in knock-off time as there is continuous movement of the workforce inside the plant so one needs to stick to all the safety rules in accordance with the standard to avoid imminent dangers.

Restrict eating and drinking to the designated area in the plant.

The workforce needs to tie all the loose cables at shoulder height with a clamp or a standard means, as well as they need to store the materials in proper manner to avoid slip and trip hazard.

Avoid Slip, Trip and Electrocution

Conduct housekeeping in the area before and after work to avoid slips and trips.

Take Work permit

Obtain work permit prior to start of any work from the area owner or designated representative.

Ensure a Good Atmosphere

Perform gas test prior to entry in the confined space and allow entry only after satisfactory result i.e. The level of oxygen must be between 19.5 % and 23.5 %.

H2S and LEL must be zero prior to the start of any work.

Limit Stored Energy

Obtain a proper electrical work permit prior to the start of the work.

Do not work on any equipment without a valid work permit.

Apply LOTO prior to the start of any maintenance work on the equipment.

Moreover, remove damage and defective cables from the area to avoid electrocution.

Shut down all energy sources, drain all the lines and ensure blinding and LOTO prior to the start of the work.

Shut off all the machinery which can be a cause of entanglement or pinch point prior to work.

Follow Lifting and Work at Height Basics

Follow all the standard of lifting rules during the operation to avoid any incident or accident.

Use a means of scaffolding or a metal ladder according to the height.

You can also use a full body harness with 100 % tie-off during work at height above 6 ft or 1.8 meters.

Deal With Chemicals in a Safe Way

Practice all the safety norms of confined space as there are numerous hazards which can be an imminent danger to life and health if there is any deviation.

Bell the emergency alarm If there is any spillage, and follow the spill response rule in accordance.

Usually, the chemical area is marked with yellow lines in the plant.

The workforce must move in a cross-wind direction and they should gather at the muster point.

Follow Traffic Rules

The workforce must follow all traffic rules of the plant to avoid penalties and incidents.

Hence you should follow speed limits to avoid any incident or accident.

Pedestrians should cross the road through zebra crossing only.

Q: -Why is safety needed in petrochemicals?

Ans: -There are a number of hazards in petrochemicals Chemical, Fire, Physical and harmful and toxic gasses, so in order to save people from these safety rules petrochemicals are needed.

Q: -Are petrochemicals really hazardous?

Ans: -Yes, they are hazardous and harmful too because long exposure can damage your liver, skin and even affect your DNA.

The Take-Away

One must follow all the rules of the petrochemical plant in order to save himself from imminent dangers.

Since it directly impacts and enhances the company reputation in such a manner that you will win more projects.

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